Team Triad Tackles Homelessness

Team Triad participated in the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission’s 14th annual “Walk A Mile In My Shoes” fundraiser for services specific to the homeless in the Reno Sparks area.  Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission provides meals for the homeless and programs to help those with addictions.  Find out how you can help, here.

Laser Welding Capabilities – Now @ Triad!!!

Triad Plastic Technologies has purchased and installed a 1500W fiber laser welder.  This industrial welder allows Triad to repair worn shutoffs and molding cavities on the spot and exponentially reduce downtime and rework labor (vs. Tig welding).  The focused energy of the laser reduces collateral heat and leaves a virtually undetectable weld perimeter.  This machine […]

Niigata Vertical Injection Molding Press

Triad recently installed a Niigata vertical injection press; increasing capacity to better serve our customers.  The vertical press has an advantage, over horizontals, when conducting insert over-molding.  The vertical orientation of the press turns gravity into an ally by holding inserts in the tool without fear of dropping out.  Whether Triad over-molds circuit boards, metal […]