What’s New at Triad Technologies

Haas VM3

In keeping with Triad Technologies’ goal to utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions… Plastics Division Plastics Division recently purchased and installed 3 brand new Whitman 5-axis robots and one automated runner picker. As with any manufacturing process, consistence is paramount. The less variables the better. Utilizing robots allows Triad to completely automate the molding process to ensure […]

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developer January 27, 2015

Triad Technologies In-House Molding System


Triad Technologies prides itself on being a Total Fulfillment Manufacturing service since 1988, and one of our most important services is our in-house mold design department. Our in-house molding comes with several benefits and brings out the best in the Triad Technologies team and in our design engineering specialists. Benefits of In-House Molding Triad’s in-house […]

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Triad Plastic Technologies January 21, 2015